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Palaeomath 101

This series of notebooks work as companions to Norman MacLeod's Palaeomath 101 columns from the Palaeontological Association newsletter.



The notebooks are primarily of use in conjunction with Norm MacLeod's Palaeomath articles:

Palaeomath 101, #1: Prospectus and Regression 1
Palaeomath 101, #2: Regression 2
Palaeomath 101, #3: Regression 3

The online analysis page allows you to perform four varieties of linear regression.

Data formats

Data should be uploaded either as a .dat file. tpsDig files (which can be generated in Excel by saving data in two columns as a .txt file). Files must be of the format:

trilobite shape data
Acaste 7.68 1.220
Balizoma 4.76 9.113
Zynygma 17.22 0.133

The first line is a file title, with any information on it you like. Subsequent lines are tab-separated, with specimen name followed by x and y values. The title line is not optional. If you do not use a title line, the first specimen will be dropped.