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The open source model and Mathematica

We freely offer these notebooks for your use in the hopes that, through cooperation and sharing of code, we can quickly build a large collection of powerful morphometric tools. Coding in Mathematica is fairly easy to learn, and we find very user-friendly for the average scientist. We've often heard colleagues cursing programs that perform 90% of what they need, with no obvious way to complete their analyses. On a platform like Mathematica, it is simple to tailor the analyses and outputs to your needs.

The obvious downside to using Mathematica is the cost of the software, which is why we offer analyses online through the website. We are exploring use of our notebooks in Player Pro, a cheaper version of Mathematica. If anyone accomplishes this, please let us know.



Submissions of Mathematica code, modules, and packages are welcomed.

Code will be posted as provided, as long as the submitter demonstrates their right to distribute the code (e.g., that it's their own work). We welcome submissions under open source licensing, but this is not necessary, as long as we are given permission to distribute the code on Morpho-tools (submitter retains copyright).

If the work appears to be useful to a broad audience, we will consider building interfaces and including the material. Updates to Morpho-tools notebooks are also welcomed. Credit/authorship will be given commensurate with effort expended.

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We are happy to posts lists of analyses people would like to use in Mathematica.