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The Mathematica notebooks have been developed by Jonathan Krieger and Norman MacLeod. Software development and the analytical back end of Morpho-tools are currently supported by Norman MacLeod through the Natural History Museum, London. The front end website was created and is supported by Jonathan Krieger.

The Morpho-tools site was created as a portion of Jonathan Krieger's Ph.D. at the University of Colorado. Contact Jonathan at

We owe a debt of gratitude to Gareth Russell, who graciously shared code for the web implementation, used on his Eco-tools site. His site was, clearly, invaluable in creating the morpho-tools site. Robert Guralnick provided the first server hosting online analyses for Morpho-tools. During early development of the eigenshape code, Norman MacLeod provided feedback and encouragement. We tested the FORTRAN and Mathematica code side-by-side in Halifax, and decided upon further refinements in London. P. David Polly has provided thoughtful discussion on interpolation, and provided the first examples of morphometric code in Mathematica.



Jonathan Krieger, Norman MacLeod.

Code contributions are welcome.